Razor Blades

30 Blade Sampler Pack
FREE POSTAGE ON ALL RAZOR BLADES! You can read reviews and user opinions but essentially each blade will different for each person. A blade that’s perfect for one person may be terrible for another. Try out this sample pack to find out which Double Edge blade will be right for you! This pack contains 30 Double Edge Razor Blades: 5 x Derby Extra 5 x Feather 5 x Gillette 7 O’Clock SharpEdge.

55 blade Sampler Pack
FREE POSTAGE ON ALL RAZOR BLADES. This is the ultimate sampler pack containing a good selection of some of the highest quality blades in the DE shaving industry. Other sellers are offering blades only from one origin and most even from the same factory. This sampler pack contains blades from ALL over the world to allow you to truly sample which blade is right for you.